Who is GWOM?

Who is GWOM?

The Greater Williamsburg Outreach Mission (GWOM) is a faith-based organization dedicated to assisting our neighbors who are experiencing homelessness. GWOM is a 501 (C) (3) non-profit organization.

The Harbor

Services We Offer

GWOM services address time sensitive needs such as food, clothing, and shelter, as well as long term needs including employment, addiction recovery, and financial counseling.

How You Can Help

Make a Donation

Your support matters. Help GWOM serve the needs of our neighbors with a donation, furniture & supplies, or by helping sponsor an event.

Become a GWOM Volunteer

Be part of the GWOM movement. Help serve at one of our program locations, attend a meeting, request a speaker, or organize a fundraiser.

Partner with your Faith Group

Join GWOM’s coalition of faith groups committed to creating strategies, plans, and programs that address the critical needs of the homeless or at risk.


A Prayer for the Homeless

Bless the homeless, this day and every day. Keep them from physical and emotional harm; fill their hearts with hope for the future and for today. Comfort the homeless as they walk their difficult paths. Help me to know that anyone, even myself, can be homeless. Bless the homeless with enough food to sustain them, with enough warmth to shield them from the elements, with the power to wrestle personal demons and win, with the will to go on, and build their lives again. Let the kindness of others bring lasting benefits; the freedom from addiction, illness, and misery. Open their humanity to include and embrace themselves. Bless the homeless with self-acceptance and love; spark their imaginations with belief in the future. Bless our mission to help our neighbors achieve a better, safer and more secure life.

GWOM in Action

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