Grace Haven Family Shelter is an emergency shelter serving families experiencing homelessness. Our mission is driven by the belief that every person should have comfort, a safe place to live, and access to amenities normally found in a loving home. Grace Haven Family Shelter seeks to restore families to dignity and self-sufficiency, as well as to provide a safe place to live while families gain stability.

The Grace Haven coordinator and trained volunteers will work with families to help them connect with community services, apply for jobs, and develop specific skills to establish a sustainable future. Families are identified for shelter services in conjunction with partner agencies within our community. Once accepted, families will complete the intake process and paperwork with a shelter staff member or volunteer. The process to begin rapidly rehousing the family begins on day one.

Services Provided at Grace Haven

Emergency Shelter for up to 90 Days

Referral to Community Services

Staple Foods (Start-up and as Needed)

Emergency Shelter Case Management

Assistance with Employment (SNAP) and Permanent Housing Search

Laundry Facilities and Bus Tickets as Needed

Volunteers in Action

GWOM Volunteers Painting House

GWOM Volunteers Painting