We are looking for enthusiastic volunteers to join our team. Most of our programs regularly involve volunteers and many skills sets are needed. Below are possible volunteer opportunities. To learn more about open positions and required training, please contact your faith group representative. Ready to apply? Download the GWOM Volunteer Application to submit to your representative.

Volunteer Opportunities

The Harbor

Check-in volunteers greet our homeless guests and assist with intake. They may also answer phone calls for the Harbor, sort mail, and call guests to inform them that mail had been received.

Kitchen Chef
The Chef provides leadership in the kitchen by identifying the day’s menu, retrieving the meal instructions and recipes, retrieving the food components for each meal, and performing the primary role in the preparation of each meal.

Sous Chef
The Sous Chef assists with various task, including the warming of components for each meal, assisting the Chef in meal preparation, providing the meals to the servers, and cleaning the kitchen during and after meal preparation.

Shower Monitor
Shower monitors help coordinate shower times and ensure privacy for guests. The volunteers will provide guests with a towel and hygiene kit.

Volunteers pick-up, wash, and dry towels and washcloths, and return them to The Harbor. Laundry is picked-up between 1:45 and 2:30 PM on Thursday and returned between 10:00 AM and 2:00 PM the following Monday.

Job Search Coaches
Coaches help guests with job searches, resume writing, and completing job applications.

Little Free Pantry

Building Team
Volunteers on the building team will help construct, install, and maintain the pantries.

Location Team
Location team volunteers will identify ideal locations for the pantries and work to obtain permission to install the pantry.

Fill a Pantry
Individuals or groups can keep a Little Free Pantry stocked. This can be done on an ad hoc basis or a group can “adopt” a pantry by committing to keep it stocked for a certain period of time.

Grace Haven Family Shelter

Job Search Coaches
Coaches help guests with job searches, resume writing, and completing job applications.

Tutors and Babysitters
Volunteers are needed to assist resident children with school work. Babysitters may be needed while the parent works with other service providers.

Life Skills Volunteers
Volunteers may be needed to help guests with counseling, budgeting, home maintenance, healthy cooking, or other life skill development.

Community Kitchen

Dining Room Coordinator
Ensures that all Community Kitchen operations run smoothly as planned and that everything is ready prior to the 11:30 opening, resolves issues as arise, welcomes guests, performs check-in responsibility when necessary, controlling numbers of guests that can be served daily. Ensure turnover of guests to accommodate all who come to eat in a timely manner. Contacts outside resources should any problem or concern arise, as needed. Validate that all facilities are clean before leaving.

Lead in preparation of mid-day meal as per the pre-established menu, ensuring that meal components are ready by 11:30 for serving and the kitchen operates properly and effectively. Follows the proper procedures for use of all kitchen equipment.

Sous Chef
Assists in preparation of meal and beverages, ensures the cleanliness of both kitchens and equipment when meal preparation and delivery is complete, and coordinates providing guest meals to servers. Follows the proper procedures for use of all kitchen equipment.

Facilitate the delivery of meals to guests from the Chefs, coordinating guest requests when possible. Set up of guest tables with tablecloths or placemats, etc. before meal as well as serving and beverage tables. Write meal components on menu board. Clean up of dining room after meal, including food spots on floor.

Ensure that all volunteers sign-in, that their volunteer forms are submitted, and the volunteer confidentiality agreement is signed. Greet and log-in all guests. When dining room becomes full, maintain a waiting list and admit guests to the dining room as seats become available. Monitor number of guests that can be served daily and inform guests when the number of serviceable guests has been reached for that day.

Community Kitchen Operating Handbook