Our Mission

The Greater Williamsburg Outreach Mission (GWOM) is an incorporated coalition of faith groups committed to creating strategies, plans, and programs that will address the critical needs of the homeless or those at risk of becoming homeless. GWOM provides a faith-based, non-profit umbrella under which existing program expansions and new initiatives can be launched and developed in coordination with other community-based essential services available to the marginalized. Services address time sensitive needs such as food, clothing, and shelter, as well as long term needs including employment, addiction recovery, and financial counseling. GWOM is inclusive of all faith groups and is led by a board of directors appointed by the faith groups of the local community.

GWOM Program Coordinators

Stephanie Slocum

Stephanie Slocum is the Community Kitchen Director and Harbor Kitchen Coordinator in charge of meal and menu planning, food purchases, (and use of donated foods) coordination of volunteer chefs, and instructions for each meal.

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Brenda Tamborini

Brenda Tamborini is the coordinator of the Harbor. She is responsible for scheduling volunteers, maintaining volunteer and guest rosters, coordinating communication through various media, establishing safety procedures, upholding policies and procedures, and maintaining guest confidentiality.

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Kris Magnusson

Kris Magnusson is the Grace Haven Family Shelter Director. She is responsible for accepting referrals, intake and documentation, and case-management with our families. She will work closely with them to assess their needs and address their barriers to self-sufficiency. She will also work with community partners in identifying permanent housing for each family.

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GWOM Board

Board Member

Shannon Woloszynowski

Carl Gerhold

Helen Hansen

Jasper Gay

Stephanie Slocum

George Atkinson

Tony Conyers

Pete Haines

Robert Johnston

Kelli Mitchell-Digges

John Moravetz

Bo Wingate

Faith Group Represented

St. Bede Roman Catholic

Williamsburg UMC

Williamsburg UU

Life Church

Wmbg. United Methodist

Wellspring UMC

New Zion Baptist Church

Hickory Neck Episcopal

Stonehouse Presbyterian

Wmbg. Community Chapel

St. Stephen

King of Glory















Board Chair

Vice Chair



Community Kitchen Director

Our History

Williamsburg is not immune to poverty and homelessness, and in 2010 numerous churches in the community, acting on their faith, formed a collective to help people in need. They recognized that faith groups acting together could be more effective than any of them could individually. Their mission was to raise awareness and to mobilize the faith community to help those experiencing homelessness. Initially this new group provided volunteers and material support to the Information and Referral Service, which was providing emergency assistance to the homeless in our community. As more churches joined the cause, people saw an opportunity for this small collective to become a voice of advocacy and hope for the homeless in the Historic Triangle.

The Greater Williamsburg Outreach Mission (GWOM) was incorporated as a 501(c)3 non-profit in February 2012, with seven charter faith group members. Ten others joined that year and task forces were formed to research the needs of the homeless in our community. Analysis quickly revealed that resources in our community were inadequate for shelter, housing, and access to services for some of our neighbors. Every initiative, project, and undertaking that GWOM has been involved with in the years that have followed has worked toward the goal of filling an unmet need first identified by those early task forces.

The Greater Williamsburg Outreach Mission currently has 22 member faith groups who give generously of time, talent, and treasure to support both GWOM-initiated projects as well as projects brought to us by like-minded community partners. GWOM prides itself on providing the fertile ground necessary to grow new ideas into thriving, high-impact community initiatives.

Member Faith Group Contacts


Bruton Parish Episcopal

Crosswalk Community

First Baptist Church

Grace Covenant

Hickory Neck Episcopal

King of Glory Lutheran

Life Church

New Zion Baptist

Olive Branch Christian

St. Bede Roman Catholic

St. Martin’s Episcopal

St. Stephen Lutheran

Stone House Presbyterian

Walnut Hills Baptist

Wellspring United Methodist

Williamsburg Baptist

Williamsburg Christian

Williamsburg Community Chapel

Williamsburg Mennonite

Williamsburg Presbyterian

Williamsburg Unitarian Universalists

Williamsburg United Methodist