Williamsburg businesses and organizations hire many low-paid and seasonal workers, such as waiters, housekeepers, hotel maintenance staff, etc. Many of these workers hold steady jobs, but do not make enough to pay for housing.

Causes of Homelessness in Williamsburg

In our area, there are many barriers to housing stability such as:

  • High cost of rent
  • High cost of living in a motel
  • Lack of permanent jobs with a living wage/benefits
  • High cost of childcare
  • Unemployment or seasonal employment
  • Prison release
  • Substance abuse
  • Mental illness
  • Serious illness or injury

Who are the Homeless in our Community?

  • Local Residents: those who live in an apartment, house, motel, trailer, who then face a life crisis
  • Transients: those who arrive by bus, car, or train and have no means to get to their point of destination or back to point of origin (City of Williamsburg has our region’s only transportation hub)
  • Institutional Discharges: those who are discharged from jail, mental health institutions, or other facilities.